Luke 17:1-3a  mp3      January 11, 2015

Did you know that you have spiritual impact on others?  Jesus gives us a stern warning about misusing that influence.

Luke 17:3b,4  mp3   January 18, 2015

We may be saints but sin steps in sometimes even in the Body of Christ.  What should we do when a brother sins against us?  Jesus lays out the tough but necessary steps.

Luke 17:5,6   mp3     January 25, 2015

Jesus gave us some amazing promises.  Some of them I call "blank check" promises since they seem so open-ended.  Today's passages is like that.  How are we to approach these "ask for whatever you want" promises?

Luke 17:7-10   mp3      February 8, 2015

Jesus gently but firmly reminds us that we really are servants and that God is our master.

Luke 17:20-37  mp3     February 15, 2015

Do you ever look forward to the day that God steps in to restore our world?  Jesus tells us about that time.

Luke 18:1-8   mp3    February 22, 2015

Will God ever bring justice for us and our world? Jesus says, keep praying and don't give up.

Luke 18:9-14   mp3      March 1, 2015

Two men come to the temple to pray.  In a surprising twist it's the "loser" who connects with God and the "winner" walked away still alienated from God.

Luke 18:15-17   mp3        March 8,2015

Sometimes we have to go backwards in order to go forward.  Jesus tells us here when it's important to become like little children.

Luke 18:18-27    mp3     March 15,2015

Life has many good pleasures for us to enjoy, but sometimes these can hinder our relationship with God.

Jude 1:24,25   mp3     March 22,2015

These verses give us a fabulous promise about how our lives can turn out spiritually

Building Holy Fences   March 29,2015    (no recording)

John 20:1-18   mp3      April 5,2015

Mary Magdalene visits the tomb of Jesus and receives an overwhelming gift.

Are You Mad Yet?   mp3           April 19, 2015

Guest speaker Dale Katcher discusses his strong concern with the gay agenda in our country and how it's helping to undermine our spiritual condition.

Luke 18:28-30   mp3    April 26, 2015

Is it worth the sacrifice to follow Jesus?  Listen to what He says about thisl

Luke 8:35-43   mp3     May 3, 2015

We see the caring heart of Jesus in this story about Bartimaeus the blind man.

Luke 19:1-10   mp3    May 10,2015

God can turn the hardest heart to Him.  Consider the story of a tax collector who scaled a tree to see Jesus.

Luke 19:11-27   mp3       May 17, 2015

God's generosity toward us brings with it a responsibility toward Him for how we use the resources He's given us.  In this parable three servants are given the opportunity to be good stewards of the Master's stuff and each responds differently.

Why me, Lord?  mp3    May 24, 2015

Have you ever asked, "Why me, Lord?"  This message explores that difficult question.

Luke 20:1-8  mp3    May 31,2015

When the Jewish leaders tried to outmaneuver Jesus; to show Him who was boss, Jesus easily sidestepped and left them with egg on their faces.  Here they challenge His authority.

Luke 20:9-19  mp3    June 7, 2015

Jesus tells a parable here warning of his death by the hands of the Jewish leaders and God's judgment on them.

Luke 20:20-26  mp3      June 14, 2015

"Jesus, should we pay taxes?"  It was a trap, but Jesus didn't get trapped. It's a powerful one-sentence teaching on the role of God and government in our lives.

Encouragement for Fathers   mp3     June 21, 2015

Fathers, you have a challenging job, but God is walking alongside you to help you succeed.

Luke 20:27-40  mp3           June 28, 2015

The Sadducees try their hand at stumping Jesus and end up losing the exchange.  Jesus reaffirms the resurrection.

Galatians 6:9   mp3    July 5, 2015

Ever get tired of trying to do what's right?  In Galatians 6:9 Paul encourages us not to give up too soon.

Romans 12:1  mp3    July 12,2015

The sacrifice God wants most from us is ourselves.

Romans 12:2   mp3       July 19, 2015

God makes us an incredible offer:  let me into your mind and I'll make it new.

Romans 12:3-5  mp3    July 26, 2015

We make the most of our salvation by using our spiritual gifts.

Romans12:4-6amp3    August 2,2015

How do I use my spiritual gifts well?  It begins with a dose of humility and continues with comprehending the big-picture-my role in Christ's body.

Romans 12:6-8 mp3    August 9,2015

Paul gives us a sample list of spiritual gifts along with suggestions on how to use them.

Romans 12:9-11   mp3August 16, 2015

I make the most of my salvation by learning to love God and others well.  Paul gives us some ideas of what His love in us will look like.

Romans 12:11-21   mp3      August 23, 2015

Here are some more tips from Paul for loving well-including how to deal with ornery people (do you know any?)

The Priority Pickle   mp3    August 30, 2015

God comes first, marriage second, family third, job or church fourth?  What's fifth?  This sermon is a thought experiment, an attempt to explore some of the practical aspects of setting our priorities.

Responding to faith's critics   mp3      September 6, 2015

Not everyone agrees with what we believe.  How can we respond constructively to those who disagree?

Bring your "A" game to worship   mp3    September 13, 2015

What happens when we worship together on Sunday morning is affected by what we bring.  Is your heart ready to worship when you step through the church doors?

 Psalm 13   mp3      September 20, 2015

 How long, O Lord?  Have you ever said this to God?  Listen to the honest prayer of an impatient man.

Luke 20:41-44   mp3      September 27, 2015

The messiah is perhaps the most mysterious, powerful figure ever seriously predicted in human history.  The Jews must have wondered a great deal about all these strange, exciting prophecies.  Jesus gives them yet another hint in this passage about who He really is.

Luke 20:45-47mp3    October 4, 2015

Jesus tells us that even religious practices can go sour when sin gets involved.

Luke 21:1-4   mp3    October 11, 2015

The woman's gift was pitifully small.  Was it really worth her trudge to the temple to give it?  Would it really matter?  Listen to what Jesus thought.

Paul-the traits of a powerful servantmp3    October 18, 2015

Paul was a man who could travel to a strange city, face strong opposition, lead a group of people to Christ, and help them establish and maintain a growing church.   How?  This message explores, out of 1 Thessalonians, the God-given traits which allowed Paul to serve so well.

Luke 21:5-15   mp3              October 25, 2015

Jesus told His disciples:  "I'm coming back someday but here are some things to keep in mind as you wait." part 1

Luke 21:16-27   mp3      November 1, 2015

This sermon concludes Jesus' teaching on how to prepare for His return.

Esther pt. 1   mp3           November 8, 2015

One of the most fascinating stories of the Bible begins with the story of a drunken king fighting with his wife.  Believe or not God is behind this scene and everything that flows out of it.

Esther pt. 2mp3        November 15, 2015

 This fascinating story marches on with extreme triumph and tragedy both occurring within sight of each other.

Esther pt. 3    mp3        November 22, 2015

The plot thickens.  Esther risks her life.  Mordecai now faces an even earlier death at the hands of "you know who."

Growing a thankful spirit   mp3    November 29, 2015

God wants us to continually be thankful to Him and He will help us to develop a thankful spirit.

Esther pt. 4   mp3         December 6, 2015

The drama explodes!  Unbelievable.  No spoilers here, though.  Listen.

Esther pt. 5   mp3                  December 13, 2105

Finally this dramatic story hits its peak.  Find out how it all turns out.

Biblical Balance mp3          December 27, 2015

How to use the Bible skillfully in a balanced way.