Many years ago I (Tim Underwood) made a remarkable discovery.  If I set the Bible to music my ability retain it was greatly enhanced.  I had done a lot of prior memorizing by simply repeating verses over and over.  This worked fine for a few verses but required too much maintenance when larger numbers were involved.  I field-tested this approach with my young sons and watched them master hundreds of verses with little rehearsal or effort.  Today I'm able to easily recite many more verses than I'd ever imagined possible-and they require only moderate maintenance.
        This method isn't magical.  It still requires a certain amount of work and tenacity.  But the rewards have been wonderful.  Memorizing and using Scripture has transformed my life.  There are tons of verses set to music available for you here.  Please see the music primarily as a tool and not as an entertainment.  You can find better music elsewhere.  The music provides memory hooks which make it easier to recall the words. Most songs are based on the NIV (1984) version, which was popular at the time I began and which I  have stuck with for consistency's sake. 

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